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Another great question! We source the majority of our olive oil from Jaen, Spain, but this year, you might see a) another Spanish city (Granada, Cordoba, Sevilla), b) Alentejo, Portugal, or c) Bari, Italy on your olive oil label.

We firmly believe that oil being from one place is critically correlated to the quality of that oil, however, where that place is is much less important. There is high quality olive oil all over the world! And we want to share it with you!

Chefs have been using squeeze bottles in their kitchens for quite some time, and we think that life in the kitchen is a whole lot better with plenty of squeezing. That being said, our bottle does use post-consumer plastics and is fully recyclable (just separate the spout and bottle and add to your recycling pickup). 

Our innovative (and 100% recyclable) REFILL CANS were created in response to customers who asked for a sustainable and easy way to refill their beloved squeeze bottles.

YUP! Every bottle of Graza is full of single origin, single varietal olive oil. Approximately 97% of Graza olive oil is made from Picual olives that are picked, pressed, and bottled in Jaen, Spain. But, if you’re one of a select and lucky few, you might see another varietal and origin on your label (Koroneiki from Alentejo, Portugal or Coratina from Bari, Italy). We sourced this oil in an effort to combat global olive oil shortages, and specifically chose varietals that our master olive sommelier feels closely resemble everything we love about Picual.

As much as we love that neon-green drizzle, color is truly not an indicator of an olive oil's quality. The green hues in Drizzle occur as a result of higher levels of chlorophyll being retained during the pressing process, but like all the best things in life, color is fleeting. We’re always serving up the absolute best, freshest, and tastiest oils, so don’t be concerned, just get squeezing. 

We are proud to source our oil from farms practicing organic farming practices, and are in pursuit of USDA certification. As you may have heard, this process is lengthy and expensive, and thus we hope to offer it in the near future. We are Non-GMO certified and our oil is packed in facilities that are certified allergen and gluten free.

Because FRESH IS BEST! Our "beer can" refills are nitrogen-sealed and fully opaque to protect your light-sensitive olive oil & prevent against oxidation. 

Not only do these cans keep your olive oil crazy fresh until you're ready to start squeezing, they're also perfectly portioned for easy refilling, and 100% recyclable. And who doesn't love cracking open a can?! 

We tested hundreds of funnels, and we can confidently recommend this Oxo one right here. Our "Starter Kit" also comes with the same funnel for FREE, which is pretty cool.

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If we've already sent you a tracking number, your best bet is to reach out directly to the carrier and request an address change. 

If you recently placed your order, just shoot us a note to and we will try to help you make the change before your product ships out!

Please allow 3-5 days for order processing and an additional 3-6 business days for shipping, depending on your location. We assure you that we try our best to fulfill orders as quickly as possible!

Not yet! Right now, we only ship within the United States, but we hope to bring Graza to the world eventually. Drop us a DM on instagram to let us know where you are located :-).

Fear not Graza friend! Freezing is actually the best possible way to preserve olive oil, and a lot of very wise grandmothers actually store their olive oil in the FRIDGE (they have next level patience). All you need to do is let your Graza sit out at room temperature until it thaws, and then you are off to happy squeezing! Some customers have reported pleasant experiences eating slightly frozen drizzle in slushy form, but you do you! If you live somewhere very very cold, we've got some recipes on our glog to warm you right up :-) 

Unfortunately, we are not able to accept returns whereas Graza is a perishable food product. However, if you have any issues whatsoever with your order, we will always work to make it right! Just shoot us a note at


Great Q! With a Graza subscription, you can save up to 19% off your monthly purchase, and you never need to worry about running out of that sweet, delicious EVOO. Plus, subscribers get fun goodies included for free, starting on their 3rd order. 

No worries about being locked in — you can always customize your subscription, update your refill preference, pause, or cancel at any time! (Psssst: You can also gift an upcoming order if you're feeling extra generous!)

Login to your subscription portal and hit "Manage Subscription." Click "Swap Product" and select the cans you want to swap your squeeze bottles for. Give it up to 10 seconds and voila! Once you refresh the page (this is key), you'll see refill cans under the "Recurring Products" section. 

If you need help switching, just shoot us a note: :-)


Working in olive oil is pretty cool! Feel free to shoot your shot: