A Dinner Party with Sami Udell and Friends

A Dinner Party with Sami Udell and Friends

We got together with our friend Sami Udell (as well as a few of of her very talented chef pals) last month in Los Angeles to close out summer the best way we know how—reuniting around a good meal. Here's how you can do the same, wherever you are!
With a season change just in sight, we're always looking for ways to gather and make the most of these remaining warm summer nights—especially if it's around a delicious meal (and even better when surrounded by such great company). Here's what we made with Sami Udell and some of her chef pals this past month!
Featuring piel de sapo and galia melons alongside Fresno chiles, hazelnuts, and tomatoes—topped with not one, but two dressings of your Drizzle and creme fraiche dreams—Sami Udell's Melon Tomato Salad is a strong start to any gathering (not to mention that her creative interpretation of melon balls makes it a natural centerpiece). 
Sandy Ho's herb packed branzino and succotash summer vegetable medley (a great way to close out corn season), all served over a creamy avocado and pistachio puree, will be a crowd pleaser—and another reason to keep your grill in action just a little bit longer.
Time for the grand finale. Sandy brought the dessert (and a showstopper at that). These Sizzle based donuts are served over a salad of whipped labneh and grilled peaches—made to be messily shared among friends.