Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

A guide to what he'll actually want for all kinds of dads.

Graza Starter Kit

If you caught him eyeing your Sizzle last time he visited, get him on the Graza train with our Starter Kit.

Miller Lite Big Green Keg

For the dad who wishes he could join Will Ferrell at a frat party.


For the novice gardener (bonus points if you add a bottle of Drizzle on the side to top off those fresh veggies).

Onsen Saru Hot Spring Bath Soak

For the dad who needs a day off.

Toyo Toolbox

A stylish toolbox that can also double to hold art supplies, stock your Sizzle bottle alongside other tools for a camp kitchen, or even as a picnic basket.

Suikaen Matcha Whisk

For dads who love a matcha.

“Sudsy” Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap

For the dad who likes an eco-friendly shower.

Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

For the dad who wants to get back into the grill game (throw in some Sizzle here for bonus points).

Susan Alexandra Beaded Planter

If he needs a new planter—that can also double as an adorable kitchen crock.

Levain Cookie Box Delivery

You can't go wrong with cookies. Want a Levain hack? Make ice cream sandwiches with Levain cookies, your ice cream of choice and a topping of Drizzle—10/10 every time.

An Ice Cream Cone with Drizzle

Keep it simple—treat him to a cone with Drizzle :-) Find ice cream shops offering Drizzle on their menus near you HERE!