Graza After Hours

Graza After Hours

Turns out we do have a squeeze bottle for a reason...

Essential eating for a late night…in that might just result in better sex for everyone.

We can’t say we’re surprised that olive oil is good for sexual health—our picual olives are spicy! But better than Viagra?

Scientists from the University of Athens say so. Men who follow a Mediterranean diet – and consume at least 9 tablespoons of olive oil a week (easy!) – see their risk of impotence reduced by up to 40%. How? Olive oil improves sperm count and quality (that’s Vitamin E at work), increases testosterone levels and maintains circulatory health. And while the study focused on men, we imagine healthy circulation – well, everywhere – can only mean more pleasure for everyone.

So. How do you work olive oil into your sexy time? Well. We have a squeeze bottle for a reason… like....

From the Grazapedia:


You + Drizzle or Sizzle (partner optional). Bring your bottle into the bedroom for a luxurious massage and silky, supple skin. Pro tip: Throw down a towel to protect your bedding – olive oil can stain.

Graza Soak

You + Warm Bath + Sizzle (partner optional). Squeeze some Sizzle into your running bath and swirl it for dewy skin and a restorative mood booster Sophia Loren-style.


Feed yourself, or each other, with these sexy stamina boosting late night bites. Whatever you do, the recipe for a good night in is simple: Be safe. Have fun. And feed each other.