Pantry Portrait: Sasha Piligian

Pantry Portrait: Sasha Piligian

The pastry chef behind the delicious treats at Canyon Coffee opened her pantry to share her top five must-haves! Read on, fellow chili crisp lovers.

After baking all day what I want in dinner is simplicity, easy and a nourishing meal. I love minimal effort something that feels like a complete meal for one.  I just moved so my pantry is a bit light but I am slowly restocking. Typical things include staples from the farmers market for me that’s greens for a salad, beans to keep stocked, veggies for roasting in the oven. I love condiments or spice mixes that are an easy way to get a lot of flavor into simple dishes.

Sasha's Top Five

Fly by Jing Chili Crisp

It’s one of my most used condiments. Add to a salad little gems, cucumber avocado radish & chili crisp with Drizzle and its SO GOOD!


I eat A LOT of rice it was a pretty big staple for me growing up and it is so versatile and makes great leftovers. Add in herbs, chopped up roasted veggies, soft boiled eggs that’s maybe a perfect meal for me.

Olive Oil

It’s essential for roasting veggies dressing up my salads. I love Drizzle to dress up yogurt, soft boiled eggs, or a quick avocado & cucumber salad

Fishwife Tinned Fish

A perfect protein to have on hand. Throw it in pasta or add to a salad!


Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt all the way for cooking at home and baking. It’s got a great level of saltiness that I know how to use. And of course Maldon for finishing salt.