August Cooking Hacks

August Cooking Hacks

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As a team, we find ourselves cooking a lot and love to trade tips and tricks that make our time in the kitchen more fun (and easy). This August, we're sharing a few we've picked up this summer to hopefully do the same for you.

Graza summer perfection to the left thanks to @annebryn and @kcosteen

August Cooking and Kitchen Hacks

Andrew, co-founder and CEO:
Homemade Fish Broth / Stock. Don’t throw away those shrimp shells and fish heads and bones. Store 'em in your freezer until you have enough to throw in a big ol crock pot (holy trinity optional). Next level hack is to blend up all the fish parts and squeeze out all the juices into your broth (can use a fine strainer and wooden spoon).

Grace, brand marketing:
Is anyone not eating strawberries and cream right now? I was finally moved to make it myself after my friend Lane, a style reporter at WSJ, posted hers from France. I couldn’t achieve this Paris Starn-level of magnificence, so here’s my hack: pre-made sugar cookie crust, sliced strawberries, Cool Whip, mint leaves and Drizzle. 

stellar execution courtesy of @dacha_46

Allen, co-founder and COO:
TOMATO SEASON! My favorite time of year. Marinade your tomatoes for sandwiches or salads separately in Drizzle and sea salt to take your sh*t up a notch!

Kendall, head of social:
When cooking up a feast, your environment is just as important. My hack? Set the tone for this relaxing time with a nice candle to go Off The Grid and turn up the tunes.

Paloma, brand marketing:
When trying to find a midnight snack the other night led me to a mini cantaloupe—cold and crisp from the fridge—my wife introduced me to my new favorite summer dessert; halved cantaloupe filled with a scoop or two (or three, I'm not judging) of vanilla ice cream. No doubt a close cousin of berries and cream, it's a perfectly refreshing treat, especially during these summer heat waves. I'd also suggest swapping the often-recommended honey topping for Drizzle.

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