5 Things We Learned Hosting Pizza Tours

5 Things We Learned Hosting Pizza Tours

Learn from the best of the best. Bob sat down with us to share what he's learned from over 100+ pizza tours of NYC and Baltimore. 

1. People are always late: Whether you’re planning a pizza tour or getting some friends together for a dinner reservation - people will be late. Fret less (and tell you’re friends to arrive 15 minutes early). Slow down and smell the pies cooking. Time is money, but the scent of a fine pizza is free.

2. Phones eat first: Contrary to popular belief, the phone (not the guest) is the most important eater on a pizza tour or when sitting down for any great meal. Please make sure that everyone’s phones are well fed prior to taking the first bite.

3. Eat it while it’s hot: Sure it’d be nice to take the train to central park with your pie, but you gotta eat while it’s hot. The cheese pulls… at my heartstrings!

4. Spice it up: Add in some hot honey or dress it up with Drizzle.

5. One ain’t enough: In a pizza mecca like New York, there are hundreds of great spots for you to hang your hat and chow down on a pie. That’s why once you come on one tour, you’re going to want to do them all: East Village, West Village, Lower East Side, Williamsburg and Park Slope.