May Cooking Hacks with Ayesha Nurdjaja

May Cooking Hacks with Ayesha Nurdjaja

The chef behind Shukette and Shuka shares her spring cooking tips and tricks. Ever heard of EVOO pound cake? You have now!

by Ayesha Nurdjaja | @ayesha_rare

May Cooking Hacks

Easy Grapefruit Dressing

Segment grapefruit then macerate in olive oil. Segments break up into individual pieces that burst with flavor. Use as a dressing for seafood, salad or vegetables

Soup and Salad 2 for 1

In the mood for chicken soup? If you are going to the trouble to make it from scratch, why not make chicken salad at the same time? Both recipes use similar ingredients and have similar flavor profiles. You’ll just need to chop your vegetables differently. This makes it easy to get two meals banged out at the same time

A Pound Cake Secret Ingredient

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. I’m much more of a salty, savory girl. But I do love pound cake and I’ve found that the one thing that makes a classic pound cake even better is . . . olive oil. My go-to dessert is a rich olive oil cake that I like to serve with seasonal fruit and whipped yogurt or labneh.

Marinate Your Anchovies!

Marinated anchovies make a quick, delicious condiment that is incredibly versatile. Use it to dress vegetables, proteins or a salad, or spread it on toasted bread to make a quick crostini. Some people think they don’t like anchovies, but chop them up with with chiles, herbs, garlic and olive oil, and they transform into something irresistible.

EVOO Skincare

Everyone knows that olive oil is great on food, but do you know it’s also a great moisturizer? Slick a little on your lips for a quick gloss, rub on the nails to soften cuticles, run it through your hair as a mask before shampooing, or use it to treat dry hands.