Tips from Nonna(s)

Tips from Nonna(s)

Yes, even your Grandma uses Graza now. And if you're not already salting your pasta water, there's a Nonna out there secretly judging you...
Tip #1
If your soup is too salty, put a potato in it!
Tip #2
Season until it just feels right.
Tip #3
Never use salted butter.
Tip #4
Save your pasta water!!
Tip #5
When it comes to tomato sauce, the longer it simmers, the better it gets.
Tip #6
Clean up as you go. You'll thank yourself later. 
Tip #7
Always salt the water.
Tip #8
Never leave your butter dish empty.
Tip #9
Don't let the sauce stick!
Tip #10
Measure with your heart <333