Win Your Resolution with One Easy (Tasty) Edit

Win Your Resolution with One Easy (Tasty) Edit

Whether your new year’s goal is health, happiness, more time with friends or no-more-resolutions!-I’m-living-my-life,-dammit! one really simple change will help you live that life healthier and happier.

Here it is: Replace all seed and “vegetable” oils with olive oil.

That’s it.

And we know. This seems tremendously self-serving.

As if our New Year’s Resolution was “sell more olive oil.”

But we hope by now you know we avoid bullshit as unequivocally as we avoid canola. We love you. We love olive oil. We’re serious about this. So here’s 1.) Why eating more olive oil can make this year better than the last few (low bar, but still…), and 2.) How easy (and fun!) this will be!

Why your single-most impactful resolution is the delicious choice to eat more olive oil:

Replacing seed and “vegetable” oils with olive oil is a massive course correction for your mental, physical and sexual health. (See? Your year is already looking up.)

Olive oil is full of monounsaturated fats like oleic acid and antioxidants such as vitamins E and K. All of these are brilliant for reducing inflammation, but olive oil’s nutritional superpowers only start there. Consuming olive oil reduces the risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and early research suggests it might prevent cancer. Some doctors even use olive oil to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

A study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition also found a significant direct association between people who generously drizzle their diets with extra virgin olive oil and mental-health quality-of-life indicators, including vitality. Speaking of vitality…9 tablespoons per week to naturally reduce the risk of impotence and enjoy better sex is pretty happy-making.

Olive oil also has an antioxidant in it called oleocanthal, and oleocanthal mimics the effects of pain medication. It’s similar to ibuprofen. So if you eat high-quality olive oil, you’re basically guaranteeing a more painless existence.

And one more thing. If you’re eating olive oil on the regular, you’re probably cooking too. Or at least adept at tearing bread into chunks, squeezing Drizzle onto plates, opening bottles of wine and sharing with friends. Which is, in itself, a boon for your mental health. As is not stressing about your resolution because doing it comes so naturally…

How easy it is to eat more olive oil (and win your resolution). In pictures, with recipes!

Lemon olive oil pancakes cooked in Sizzle and finished with a Drizzle-based syrup
Tartine of your choice with Drizzle. Like avo-cod-o!
This lemon shallot vinaigrette on salads, soups, sandwiches, spoons. It’s that good.
Mushroom pesto (made with Sizzle and Drizzle) on toast.
Sweets and Socializing
The Salad (a cocktail)

And don’t forget – if you’re all-in, Type A about your resolutions (we feel you), you can also replace butter with olive oil (Though we are mega-big-fans of butter, shoutout Kerrygold). For sautéing, pan frying or roasting, it’s a simple swap. For baking, replace butter with ¾ the amount of olive oil (it works best when it calls for melted butter). As an example, 6 tbsp of olive oil replaces 8 tbsp of butter. Think brownies and dense cakes and muffins. YUM!