Classic Pizza Dough

Classic Pizza Dough

This recipe for classic New York style pizza dough (courtesy of pizza expert Griffin Baker, a native of NYC currently slinging pies in LA) is the only one you'll ever need to whip up stellar dough at home like the pros do!

By Griffin Baker the Pizza Maker


Makes 1500g of dough or 5x 300g dough balls

900g flour (800g all purpose and 100g bread flour)

540g water

50g water (save for later!)

3g yeast

27g salt

25g Sizzle


Active Time: 30 minutes

Full Time: 3 hours

Serves 5

Add 540g of cold filtered water to your mixer.


Add yeast and stir until cloudy.


Add flour and mix on low until combined.


Add remaining water and mix on high.


While the last of the water is absorbing, begin adding salt slowly.


Once salt has absorbed, add the Sizzle gradually and mix on high until the dough begins to clean the bowl. Keep mixing until the dough is smooth and strong (5-7 minutes).


Proof 1-2 hours at room temperature.


Ball your dough and cold ferment in the fridge for 2-7 days. You can use the dough as soon as day 1, but it's best around days 2-3. On days 4-7, your dough will start to lose strength but will deepen in flavor. 


When you're ready to make the pizza, take the dough out of the fridge 2-4 hours before stretching. Then stretch, top, bake, and enjoy!