Cranberry Pear Sauce with Instant Pot

Cranberry Pear Sauce with Instant Pot

Homemade Cranberry Pear Sauce in 10 minutes??? Believe it or not, with an Instant Pot, it can be done. It's the perfect bright balance between sour and sweet and can assist all of your holiday cooking or heck, even your morning oatmeal.

by Jess Marra | @kitschenista


3 Bosc pears 

1 12oz bag fresh cranberries

1 orange (zest + juice)

1-2 cinnamon sticks

1/4 cup water 

1/2 cup sugar 

2 tbsp Drizzle

1 inch fresh grated ginger, optional




Active Time: 15 minutes

Full Time: 20 minutes

Serves 1

Rinse and drain your cranberries, set aside. Core and cube your pears (you can leave the skin on!).


Grab your InstantPot and add Drizzle. Then add in cubed pear (and optional ginger). Secure the lid and press the sauté button, adjusting the time to 3 minutes.


Once the timer goes off, remove the lid. Add in fresh cranberries, the zest and juice of the orange, cinnamon sticks, and water.


Secure the lid again and pressure cook for 3 minutes. Allow the InstantPot to self-release for 5-7 minutes, then manually release the remaining pressure.


Carefully remove the lid. Stir in the sugar until dissolved. Optional to return the InstantPot to sauté function for another few minutes or serve as is.


Serve immediately OR bring to room temperature before storing in the fridge/freezer.