Friendsgiving Leftovers Sandwich

Friendsgiving Leftovers Sandwich

We all know that no one wants to cook after the holidays which is why we are serving this to you on a silver platter. Zingy cranberry sambal, bacon-wrapped stuffing cake, brioche, and leftover turkey??? Put on a bib and let ‘er rip 🤝


Piled high amounts of Leftover Turkey

Rivers of leftover gravy [or store bought, if that's your bag]

Leftover Stuffing

2-4 pieces of bacon

Fresh Sourdough or Brioche loaf

Cranberry Sambal:

1 can jellied/ whole cranberry sauce

2-3 Fresno Chiles

Small knob ginger

1 clove garlic

2-3 shallots 

Juice and zest from 2 limes 

Red Cabbage Slaw:

4 oz/ a handful of red cabbage 

1oz Drizzle 

Handful of flaky sea salt

Sizzle for toasting


Active Time: 20 minutes

Full Time: 30 minutes

Serves 2

Chop chiles, shallots, garlic, peeled ginger and place into food processor. Zest limes and put to the side, add lime juice and medium squirt of Sizzle to the processor. Mix for 20-40 seconds until well incorporated into paste and no small chunks remain.


Place chile/shallot paste into medium, high-walled saucepan and place over medium heat. Allow to cook for 2-3 minutes.


Add Cranberry can into saucepan and stir until completely incorporated.


Bring up Cranberry Sambal to very low simmer and continue to cook for 20-30 minutes as you heat and assemble rest of sandwich. Very gentle cook!


Measure size of bread slices to the stuffing leftovers, and cut on small “patty” of stuffing that approximately matches the size of the bread slice.


Take your stuffing and gently form to be compressed and tight “stuffing cake.”


Lay down strips of bacon with enough width to cover bottom of stuffing cake, law down stuffing cake on top of bacon and then wrap bacon ends over top of stuffing cake. Affix with toothpicks through bacon to hold cake together if needed.


Cook and crispy bacon stuffing cake in pan with sizzle over medium heat until crispy. Place in 300 F oven or toaster oven to stay warm and to add extra crisp to the underside of the bacon while we heat and assemble other ingredients.


WARMING TIME! Warm gravy in microwave. Warm turkey in skillet or in oven. Toast bread with Sizzle to golden brown.


Combine cabbage, Drizzle, flaky salt in small bowl and gently mix to incorporate.


Layer *both* pieces of bread with Cranberry Sambal, place bacon wrapped stuffing cake on bottom bun, top with gravy. Place warmed turkey on top, add more gravy. Add handful of red cabbage slaw and crown with sambal on toast. Put on a bib and let ‘er rip.