Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of April

Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of April

The Graza team shares our BEST and WORST bites of the week! Featuring malt butter, Easter jelly bean commentary, and dirty martini slander???

Best Bite / Worst Bite

April, 2024

Talia, Community

Best: To start my weekend, I treated my self to an herb and goat cheese scone from Good Ambler in Chicago, it was cooked to perfection with little bits of caramelized goat cheese. I had to dip it in a little drizzle for the perfect Friday breakfast. Honorable mention: the warmest most dill filled matzah ball soup from Au Cheval.

Worst: I made a lackluster Tuesday turkey sandwich for lunch. It just didn’t have the ‘umph’ it needed to fulfill any sandwich cravings.

Kali, Marketing

Best: Steak taco / corn salad combo made by one of my friends in her backyard. I think food cooked outside just tastes better??

Worst: I didn't eat anything bad this month. What do I win??

Kendall, Social

Best: It's my birthday month so I feel like there have been a lot, but honestly nothing beats eating cake as breakfast the day of your birthday. So, I entered my 29th year of life, with a spoon digging into a slice of cake that my best friends's mom made! It's basically Whole Foods' chantilly cake with fresh berries that everyone goes crazy for, BUT you add a layer of vanilla custard in between the cake layers.

Worst: Can I choose a worst sip? I truly will just never understand dirty martinis. I'm sorry.

Ashton, Sales

Best: For my birthday I went to a French brunch spot in Nashville called Lou and had their chocolate maple & buckwheat pancake with malt butter. It was literally PERFECT.

Worst: Breakfast seems to be the theme here because my worst bite in April was a half frozen ego waffle that I did not toast for long enough and ran out the door with only to bite into a lukewarm / slightly soggy part. Would not recommend.

David, Finance

Best: Foie gras sushi piece from Uchi. Cooked to perfection and literally melts in your mouth. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Worst: When I ran out of Graza EVOO potato chips. Normal potato chips just don't do it for me anymore 😞

Casey, Marketing

Best: I think my best bite of April was buttered beans and Kale from Misi. Very simple preparation but you could really taste every ingredient and I've been making way less delicious but Misi inspired buttered beans since.

Worst: Easter jelly beans. Pear, peach, watermelon, and blueberry are the only flavors that can stay. Jelly Belly is doing too much with the hot cinnamon, licorice, and buttered popcorn - I just want the winners bracket.

Melanie, Marketing

Best: I bought a cookbook to make freezer meals and made Venezuelan steak over rice (cooked in Sizzle, obviously) and it was delish.

Worst: A burger and fries at a well-known restaurant chain. Researched what the fries were cooked in and it ruined it for me.