Bring Your Own Drizzle

Bring Your Own Drizzle

In the spirit of BYOD and celebrating all the weird foods we love to Drizzle on, our team shares a few of our favorite unusual pairings... ;-)

Chips & Salsa

Talia, community: Tortilla chips with salsa + olive oil. I love the texture that Drizzle gives tortilla chips plus the peppery finish pairs perfectly with my fave salsa—Trader Joe's Pepita Salsa.

Cottage Cheese

Melissa, sales: Easy! Toast + Good Culture Cottage Cheese + Drizzle + honey (even better if it's Mike's Hot!). It can be lunch, it can be dinner, it can be a snack. I love it so much.


Shea, content: The sweetness of the cantaloupe mixed with the slight fatty bite from Drizzle, is iconic. Add some Maldon, and ~voila~ I'm transported to the south of France.

My Dog's Food

Paloma, marketing: My dog Bruna's breakfast bowl is now not complete without a topping of Drizzle. She loves the taste, and it's comforting to know I'm giving her an extra boost of antioxidants, nutrients, and brain-boosting polyphenols even when I don't have the time for a multi-step DIY dog food recipe a la TikTok (though they're fun to watch). 


David, finance: It tastes better than adding butter and is healthier too!

Scrambled Eggs

Amanda, marketing: I used to be a Cholula gal, but once I went Drizzle I never went back!

Overnight Oats

Kendall, social: Overnight oats! It helps add some extra healthy fats on top to keep me full and satiated, but also helps add a lil savory factor to something sweet.

Skillet Cookies

Ashton, sales: A warm homemade skillet cookie with a scoop of Jeni's Salty Caramel ice cream topped with some Drizzle and a sprinkle of Maldon salt! This is the ultimate comfort dessert for me and elevates any night in with friends!