Friend of Graza: Bobbi Brown

Friend of Graza: Bobbi Brown

The revolutionary make-up artist and founder of Jones Road Beauty on ditching the rules, her untraditional comfort pasta, and navigating the holidays at your own pace.

Q: Do you have any family or friend traditions over the holidays?

A: We love having family dinners whenever possible! My youngest son Duke is a great cook. Our family just makes a point to all be together at some point during the holidays, even as it’s grown to include others.

Q: What do you want an ideal holiday gathering to feel and look like?

A: Always relaxed with good food and drink—casual suits us best.

Q: You love doing something you have no idea how to do. What’s something new you’re trying around bringing the people you love together?

A: I’ve been thinking about doing an untraditional Thanksgiving and not sticking with the usual food lineup—even if it’s pasta. Maybe my classic Zucchini Pasta with Tuna and Italian Spices... or pizza!

Q: What is your absolute comfort food to make during the holidays?

A: I love a good steel-cut oatmeal prepared with vanilla or chocolate protein, maple syrup, hazelnuts and chia seeds.

Q: Everyone has different ways of celebrating the holidays—differing expectations, hopes, traditions. What’s something people called you crazy for that you trusted your gut about?

A: Having over 100 people over every year for Yom Kippur. It’s a mix of people who do and don’t celebrate. It sounds overwhelming but it always ends up being the best time.

Q: What’s something you’ve adapted and adjusted in how you eat in the last few years?

A: I stopped following a strict diet plan. I’ve tried them all and they aren’t sustainable. Instead I now practice intuitive eating where I pay attention to what my body tells me it wants and eating slower so I eat less. I’m still mindful of what I put in my body but I don’t have strict rules about what I can and can’t eat.

Q: How have you built camaraderie and excitement at JRB to handle busy holiday seasons?

A: Making sure we take time to unwind together. I’m excited to be hosting this year’s JRB holiday party at my new house with our employees plus their spouses and kids! I’ll probably hire a chef from one of my favorite local restaurants.