Zucchini Pasta with Italian Spices

Zucchini Pasta with Italian Spices

Bobbi Brown of Jones Road Beauty shares her nontraditional Friendsgiving crowd pleaser.


2 cups of spiralized zucchini

Sizzle & Drizzle

1 package of Marinella Spaghettata Pasta Herbs (dried Italian peppers, parsley, garlic, and salt)

1 jar Italian tuna packed in oil (to make it vegan, sub with cannellini beans)

1 jar Rao’s Marinara Sauce

Optional: Parmesan cheese, salt and pepper to taste


Active Time: 15 min

Full Time: 15 min

Serves 4

In a hot pan, heat a few tbsp of Sizzle. Add your herbs and sauté on medium-low until fragrant, a couple minutes.


Add in zucchini pasta and saute until tender.


Mix in tuna or beans and your Rao's until well coated and mixed.


Season with salt, pepper, and a generous coating of Drizzle. Garnish with parmesan if using. Serve hot.