Sunday Dinner with Emma Bowers

Sunday Dinner with Emma Bowers

We love any opportunity to break bread (lathered in Drizzle, of course) around a big table with your nearest and dearest. But let’s be real—sometimes Sundays are spent grazing all day, other times we don’t get out of bed for breakfast until 2 PM, and the idea of sitting down to a formal dinner doesn't always come together as planned. So in the spirit of celebrating food we enjoy and realizing it doesn’t always fit tradition, we’re asking some friends of Graza to share what they eat on a Sunday.

This week, musician, writer, and food-lover Emma Bowers shares hers. 

8:45 AM 

Sipping on coffee with a teaspoon of chocolate ghee whirred in while assembling breakfast sandwiches—and catching up with my best friend who lives next door and often comes over for breakfast. It’s our favorite sandwich and on occasion I make two for each of us! Frying eggs in Sizzle while bacon cooks in the oven.

Once that’s set I’ll assemble with arugula and spicy mayo (maple syrup and aardvark hot sauce) slathered on both sides of an english muffin… preferably from Sparrow Bakery in Portland. Occasionally some chopped green onion or sharp cheddar will enter the mix.

2:15 PM 

Spent the morning cleaning my apartment, the sun is out and has revealed the dusty corners of my little studio. Doing a kind of breakfast for lunch thing with a wide slice of local como bread warmed in the oven until ever so slightly crispy, all to compliment the shallots, shiitake mushrooms, kale and leftover kabocha squash sizzling in a cast iron pan. Once everything’s cooked through, I cracked an egg on top of the veggies and cooked the whole thing in the oven until the egg goes jammy. All finished with Drizzle, salt and pepper!

7:22 PM 

Spending the evening solo so I’ve lit all the candles in my apartment and started a podcast. I start dinner by frying more shallots and shiitake in a cast iron pan with the addition of red pepper flakes. I deglaze with a little water after things are sufficiently browned by stirring a heaping tablespoon of miso into a half cup of warm water and then pouring that over the shallot and mushrooms to create a brothy mixture (usually supplementing with some additional vegetable broth).

I add a can of cannellini beans and a healthy amount of pepper and simmer on medium heat until broth has thickened, rinsing and de-stemming some lacinato kale, before roughly chopping and adding to the pan. Turn off heat and let sit until kale is wilted and top with Drizzle. Almost always eaten with a slice of bread as a vessel.