Fireworks in a Jar!

Fireworks in a Jar!

(It's not as dangerous as it sounds...) If you've got kiddos at home this summer that are also fans of the SQUEEZE, let 'em go to town with this super fun oil and water DIY science experiment.


Sizzle or Drizzle


Liquid food coloring drops


A jar of your choosing

Cups for mixing colors

A pie pan


Active Time: 20 minutes

Full Time: You pick!


Start by filling your pie pan or another shallow dish with a thin layer of Graza and setting aside.


Make your fireworks colors by mixing a few drops of food coloring with water, using a different cup for each color you'd like to use.


Give your kiddos the pipettes and let them go to town, dropping color droplets into the oil pan you set up in step #1! Observe the interactions between the water and the oil, and how the water appears in the pan.

What you'll see and learn... The oil and water DON'T MIX! No matter how many water droplets you add, they'll appear as color polka dots in the oil because the two are polar liquids, and because water is more dense than oil—which means that they repel one another and cannot mix. This is a great experiment for mini scientists who are starting to learn about matter and molecules :-) 

Now time to take things up a notch!


Fill your jar around 3/4 full with oil.


Let them play with dropping pipettes of the color-water into the oil from above—watching the oil bubble into a mini "fireworks" display as it repels from the Sizzle and Drizzle!