How To Plan a Friendsgiving With Leftovers in Mind With INKA

How To Plan a Friendsgiving With Leftovers in Mind With INKA

Leftover tips to have in mind before you even start your grocery list so you can make the most of your meal.

What Can I Do Ahead?

Friendsgiving is meant to be enjoyed, not spent racing against the clock to finish your menu. The way you prep and store your dishes can save you a whole lot of headache, and take some pressure off what can often become a stressful day.

Rather than make it all on the big day, it’s best to prepare as much as you can beforehand. That’s right, we’re talking about your mushroom gravy, your cranberry sauce, and a to-die-for stuffing from Mike Kubiesa.. all the good stuff! Easy to make ahead of time and easily stored.

INKA’s Food containers and Sauce Pots make storage easy. They’re leakproof and come in almost every color of the rainbow—ideal for differentiating with ease and reducing game day panic.

While you’ll still need to cook your turkey, potatoes, and cornbread on the big day, prepping your ingredients is a simple hack to cut down on your time in the kitchen. Slice and dice your potatoes, onions, carrots, and other veggies ahead of time (just be sure to store in airtight containers).

How Long Does My Meal Last?

After you’ve cleared the last dessert plate comes the final hurdle—packing it all up while fighting off turkey-melatonin induced sleepiness. Throw on some good tunes (have you seen our Friendsgiving playlist yet?) and get that dish assembly line grooving. Here we broke down just how long those classic menu items last after the meal has ended, so you can plan your fridge and freezer space accordingly. And enjoy your leftovers safely.

What's For Breakfast?

Stuffing Waffles. A post turkey day breakfast that doesn’t require a recipe? After a day in the kitchen it can sound too good to be true, but we’re sharing one of our favorite Friendsgiving-specific cooking hacks that transforms a core menu item—without requiring a new shopping list or big brunch production.

It’s simple; after preheating a waffle iron and greasing it with Sizzle, add 1 cup of your leftover stuffing (we’re preferential to Mike Kubiesa’s take on the classic) to one mixed raw egg and then pour that mix into the iron. If the mix looks too dry, add in a few tbsp of stock. And there you have it, stuffing waffles. Easy to pop out by the dozen and all the better with a hearty topping of cold cranberry sauce.

or for the ultimate ugrade to the "Leftover's Sandwich"...

The Friendsgiving Hot Pocket! Yeah, you read that correctly. Introducing the ultimate reinvention of the classic day after sandwich—the leftovers hot pocket, in just three easy steps. All thanks to INKA for this this out of the box recipe.