Health Nut Hacks with Jess Damuck

Health Nut Hacks with Jess Damuck

Best-selling author and the Drizzle Freak herself Jess Damuck shares tips from her upcoming book Health Nut! Hint: 2 acids are better than 1...

by Jess Damuck | @jessdamuck

Freeze Your Ripe Bananas

Then you always have them on hand for ice cold creamy smoothies, or super flavorful banana bread.

Blended Dates = Natural Caramel-y Sweetness Plus Moisture

Chewy brownies, moist cakes, I love swapping sugar for dried dates. Better for you, still plenty sweet, with more depth of flavor.

Smoked Soy Sauce Is Your Vegetarian Secret Weapon

It’s the perfect umami bomb for vegetarian soups, stews and stir-fries.

Use Two Acids for Vinaigrettes

Adding fresh citrus juice AND vinegar brightens up your salad and makes it feel so fresh and flavorful. I like lemon with white balsamic :-)

Prep and Clean Heads of Lettuce

Do it as soon as you get home from the market! Not only does it stay fresh longer, but you’re so much more likely to use it.

Make Your Own Nut Milk

You just need a blender and a nut bag— you’ll save so much money and it’s the creamiest most delicious nut milk that foams perfectly for lattes.

Overnight Oats Are the Ultimate Prep-Ahead Breakfast

A big jar with a sprinkle of chia seeds and your favorite fruit will be a ready to go breakfast for days!

Health Nut is available for pre-order now. Photos by Jennelle Fong.