July Cooking Hacks

July Cooking Hacks

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As a team, we talk about food a lot - the joy of gathering, new ways to use beloved ingredients, tools and tips that make it all feel easy and fun. This July, we’re sharing small upgrades that have MAXIMUM flavor.

July Cooking Hacks

Andrew, co-founder and CEO:
Get a really good knife and learn how to cut an onion like a pro. I love THIS knife, not only because I love Made-In quality, but the red is just so sexy. And, good ol Good Ol Gordon Ramsay YT Videos still hit.

BONUS TIP/CHALLENGE - We've all been in a doom-scroll on IG/TikTok for mouth watering recipe content. This week, challenge yourself to ACTUALLY MAKE ONE OF THE RECIPES YOU WATCH!

Allen, co-founder and COO:
Less of a cooking hack, more of an eating hack. Plate of arugula with Drizzle and sea salt at the END of the meal. #1 it's delicious, #2 it's healthy, #3 I get my greens in every day—but really the top reason is that it buys me the 5 minutes I need for my brain to catch up to my stomach so I don't eat thirds and get disgustingly full.

Grace, brand marketing:
Two things. First, I'm healing my gut health, and my doctor challenged me to replace every oil with olive oil for a month. Brownies, scrambled eggs, searing chicken - all swapping canola for Sizzle. Reader, I've never felt better. Second, reuse your bottles. Some ideas: precision-watering my herbs and little plants, dispensing pancake batter in shapes (initial pancakes = maximum swoon), an apple cider vinegar rise in the shower. I just give them a serious clean with with my favorite soap first.

Kendall, head of social:
I'm obsessed with sautéed (in Sizzlebanana and peanut butter sandwiches on Dave's Killer Bread—the perfect late night snack or bougie mid-day pick me up. 

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