July Cooking Hacks: Picnic Tips

July Cooking Hacks: Picnic Tips

Nothing beats enjoying tasty Drizzle-topped treats with your friends OUTSIDE!!! Whether you're packing a four course spread or just grabbing a pizza on the way, here are a few of our team's favorite tips and tricks to make the MOST of picnic season.

July tips and tricks from our team...


Talia, community: Melt your favorite chocolate bar in the sun and unwrap for a DIY fondue moment. Bring your favorite fruits (like strawberries and bananas) to dip! 

Amanda, marketing: Don't forget to pack a good (and portable!) knife. This Victorinox Classic Tomato Knife is my MVP at home and on the go.

Kali, marketing: Always always ALWAAAAAYS bring a fresh loaf of bread. And a bottle of Drizzle!

Paloma, marketing: Choose your sauce containers wisely! There's nothing worse than putting together a picnic basket (or a refrigerated WFM tote, no judgement here) and finding the perfect spot, only to realize your pesto container or salad dressing ingredients have exploded on arrival. Avert disaster by making dressings at home and transporting them in a recycled and UNBREAKABLE!!! Drizzle bottle.

Kendall, social: Don’t forget a tasty beverage! Drink your Drizzle or bring a nice cold pack of beer 🍺

Allen, co-founder: Bring a pizza! ;-)