Lupa Cotta's Guide to the Farmers Market

Lupa Cotta's Guide to the Farmers Market

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Ines Barlerin Glaser from Lupa Cotta, an LA-based mobile pizza party, shares some of her best tips for navigating the farmers’ market maze to get the freshest, tastiest produce.
by Ines Barlerin Glaser | @lupacotta

We're huge fans of farmer's markets and fresh produce here in Grazaland and we know you are too, dear reader. We caught up with Ines Barlerin Glaser, owner of Lupa Cotta and pizza mastermind of LA, to give us some top tier tips on getting the most out of your farmers' market trip. Learn more below and follow the pizza party @lupacotta!

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Do you go into the market with a game plan of what to get and from where?

If I'm shopping for a private event then usually I'll bring a list of things I might need. I've gotten to the point where I know where to get my favorite mushrooms, herbs, variety of tomatoes, and seasonal veggies. On my menu, I have a mystery "market" pizza which is inspired by my daily findings at the farmers market.

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That's always freestyle. It's also fun to chat with other chefs and produce purveyors about what THEY think is special at the market at the moment. The community inspires one another. 

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What’s the best time of the day to go?

Best time of day to go is around 7am when the market is starting to open.

Things can disappear FAST and immediately.

If I'm lagging, I'll go at 10AM and slowly say hello to food friends and network. It's always nice to go kick it with Sherry from Tehachapi Grain Project right behind the Weiser Family Farms stand...she knows everyone and it always feels like a safe space to people watch and catch up on business. 

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Top 5 things you always get?

1. Year-round berries (for myself or client desserts)
2. Mixed herbs
3. Edible flowers
4. A variety of gorgeous lettuces
5. Heirloom garlic (it's the best)

Lavender and herbs
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What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever gotten from the market?

A pink lemonade colored rasberry. So perfectly sour and sweet. Oftentimes you'd be surprised how incredibly tasty California seasonal fruit is at its peak. It's almost shocking.

I've said a number of times, "this is the best ____ I've ever had".

We are truly spoiled. 


Photography by Ines.