Why Does a Pizza Chef Use Graza Olive Oil?

Why Does a Pizza Chef Use Graza Olive Oil?

Hint: We play well with ricotta. All Day Pizza - one of our Austin faves - lets us in on just why Graza is such an essential part of the pizza making process.

The chefs at All Day are experts in the art of pizza making. Co-owner Townsend Smith shares just where Graza comes into play: 

"Olive oil is essential to our dough making process, it’s quite literally inside every pizza we make. Working with Graza Drizzle allows us to bring a delightful quality to some of our favorite specialty pies, providing a rich, yet earthy top note. It’s the perfect finishing touch to our house cheese pie (right on top of our homemade stracciatella), and marries perfectly with the ricotta cream in our white pies. Graza has changed the way we make pizza."

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