Siren Martini with Faccia Brutto

Siren Martini with Faccia Brutto

In Ancient Greece, Hippocrates prescribed dittany of Crete to ease stomach aches and help digestion. Today the same herb is used to make Faccia Brutto’s Centerbe—and offers that same post-dinner aid. Just stay away from rocks! (JK.. that’s siren humor, this would be nice over ice, too).


1 ½ oz Drizzle fatwashed gin (we used Isolation Proof)

¾ oz White Vermouth (we used Atxa Blanco)

¼ oz Faccia Brutto Centerbe

A drizzle of Drizzle


Active Time: 10 minutes

Full Time: 24 hours

Serves 1

To make fat-washed gin, combine the gin and Drizzle in a container with a seal-proof lid. Agitate the mixture and leave it at room temperature for about 4 to 5 hours for the flavors to infuse. Transfer to the freezer overnight to solidify the fats.


Combine the olive oil-washed gin, vermouth, and Centerbe, add ice and stir. Top with an additional drizzle of Drizzle and garnish with a lemon peel.