Tortilla de Patatas AKA Spanish Omelette Recipe

Tortilla de Patatas AKA Spanish Omelette Recipe

This tortilla perfection comes straight from our Andrew Benin (our co-founder), by way of his mother-in-law. Plus, we even threw in hand-drawn flipping instructions. Happy Mother’s Day!

by Andrew Benin | Graza co-founder


6 medium yellow potatoes

6 eggs

½ bottle of Sizzle (save the leftover Sizzle and fry something up after)

Salt to taste


10-12" non-stick frying pan (we love Made In!)


Slotted spatula

Cutting board

Large-ish mixing bowl

Plate larger than your frying pan for the critical flip

WOW what a simple list of ingredients


Active Time: 20 minutes

Full Time: 20 minutes

Serves 4

Give yourself a pat on the back for cooking something delicious.


Peel and dice potatoes into ½ inch cubes. Throw em into your mixing bowl.


Preheat your pan on medium heat. Take the cap off your Sizzle bottle to make pouring easier (Don’t be SILLY). Fill the frying pan about halfway up the height of the pan with Sizzle. (Don’t be scared to use a lot of Sizzle!). Let the oil heat up to a low simmer, but not smoking.


Throw in your potats. The goal is not to fry them, but to soften them whilst cooking them.


Add a big pinch of salt and whisk all your eggs in your mixing bowl.


Check your potatoes. When they are soft to the touch, but still retain structure (NOT MASHED POTATOES), remove them with a slotted spoon (or a fish turner or whatever) and add them to the mixing bowl with the eggs. Switch to lowest heat to keep the pan warm.


Mix/whisk all this goodness together.


Switch the heat back to medium, and with only a lil Sizzle leftover in the pan, add in your delicious eggy potatoey mixture.


Check in a few minutes to see if the bottom is cooked through all nice. When it is, conduct the critical tortilla de patata FLIP. Put a plate on top of the pan. FLIP QUICKLY. Delicately, but not too delicately, slide the tortilla back into the pan to finish off the uncooked side.

Andrew had to take a crucial call during the crucial flip so here is an illustrated version of the tricky task

The rest is up to you. I like mine runny, others like it cooked through. Some eat it with a side of homemade mayo. DO YOUR THANG!


I’ve seen some crazy variations of this bad boi. Goat cheese and Caramelized onion. Chorizo. Hell, maybe go for a Bacon Egg and Cheese style. And don’t get sad if you don’t get it right the first time. Once you nail this dish, it’s a dinner party showstopper.