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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Finishing Oil

Harvested in October

Olives are picked very early in the harvest season when they are young, green and hard as rocks.

24lbs olives = 1 Liter of Oil

When pressed, these young olives only yield a tiny bit of oil. It takes 24lbs of Picual olives harvested in October to produce 1 liter of this (super flavorful) oil!


Young olives are full of attitude. They yield a spicier, more flavor-packed oil. These are great qualities for a finishing oil!


Because of the flavor and health benefits present, you wouldn’t want to cook with Drizzle. That’s why we say “Made for eating, never heating”! Instead, use this oil when you want your olive oil to steal the show.


Cooking Oil

Harvested in November

Olives are picked during peak harvest season when they are more mature and a bit juicier.

13lbs of olives = 1 Liter of Oil

When pressed, these more mature, juicier olives yield a lot more oil. It only takes about 13 lbs of Picual olives harvested in December/January to produce the same liter of cooking oil.


Just like (most) humans, olives get more chill with age. The oil produced from these olives will be milder in flavor, and make for a more flexible cooking oil.


Because of its mellow flavor and higher smoke point, Sizzle can be used in a lot of different ways. Great for everyday cooking like roasting, searing, poaching, pan frying, baking, and marinating.

Single origin olives = super fresh oil

People have tried to re-plant these babies in California and elsewhere in the mediterranean, but they seem to solely thrive in the heart of Andalusia. The oil extracted from this fruit is extremely high in Polyphenols and also has the longest shelf stability & free-acidity stability of any Olive Varietal.

Us Vs Them

No blending, no funny business. Just 100% extra virgin olive oil.

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Promotes a healthy heart
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Cheap Olive Oil

Nope, it's blended with old oil
Combines oil from 4+ countries
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Expensive Olive Oil

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Canola/Vegetable Oil

Bleached, Deodorized, refined.
The petroleum of cooking oils