Best Hostess Gifts Under $50

Best Hostess Gifts Under $50

Gifts with the mostest for every kind of hostess—all under fifty bucks.

Le Puzz Jigsaw Puzzle

For your friends who love a game night.

Homemade Sizzle Granola

The best gifts are edible—let's get crunchy. Make them this homemade granola with Sizzle and you're guaranteed an invite back (in the same vein, it also makes a great meet-the-parents gift). 

Ice Spice Chia Pet

If they get it, they’ll love it.

Sudsy Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap

For the friends who always have their Sizzle & Drizzle on display—get them a kitchen soap to match.

Orange Surprise Ball

The 1950s version of a gag gift—unravel to reveal presents hidden in each layer. 

Everything Bagel Baking Mix

For the friend who wont shut up about NYC bagel supremacy (we're the friend). 

Sizzle & Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil Duo

For everybody.

Dusen Dusen Everybody Kitchen Timer

For your friend seeking revenge (in the words of Dusen Dusen)... "Name them after your enemy. Twist their face until they scream."

Ichendorf Milano Olive Bowl

For the Drizzle lovers in your life, gift them the ultimate dipping bowl.

KIKI Co. Snack Plate

For the friend who's still eating girl dinners.

Olive Cocktail Picks

For the hostess who always has Grazatinis on deck.


Because we don’t know if we are flexible enough to play twister or brave enough to engage in beer pong.