Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of October

Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of October

The Graza team gets up close and personal to share our BEST and WORST bites of the week! Featuring Sizzle fried plaintains, adventures in pasta making, and a dislocated jaw.

Best Bite / Worst Bite

October, 2023

Allen, Co-Founder

Best: The Grafton Cheddar Omelet at Little Egg in Brooklyn. It is just perfect, in the way that sometimes food in cartoons looks perfect. A very very close second was the peach coffee cake I had there for desert.

Worst: My lunch today. I'm leaving town for a few days and needed to clean out the fridge, so ended up making a very very sad fridge cleanout salad, which was basically just lettuce and a couple of slices of ham 😞

Talia, Community

Best: Cannoli from the Italian restaurant on my corner, with a big Drizzle. The filling to shell ratio was perfection, just enough pistachios on top for that extra crunch, drizzle gave it pretty tasty green swirls.

Worst: Blended cottage cheese with vanilla protein powder. I was trying something out.

Shea, Marketing

Best: Homemade sourdough english muffins (thank you Laura ❤️) and homemade pumpkin ravioli. Not gonna lie, I low-key went off this week. Whoever said bread and pasta-making is tough was definitely right but forgot to add that it's the most rewarding practice in the kitchen (in my humble opinion). It's always worth it and really not TOO hard. Pour yourself a drink, absorb all the youtube tutorials you can, and make your own damn pasta!

Worst: Although I absolutely adore the Dark chocolate almond sea salt bar from Tony's Chocolonely, this week took a unique and dark twist. I store my chocolate in the freezer bc mama always needs a sweet treat. The day was not unlike any other average Sunday afternoon. I was eating lunch (probs leftovers) then went in to take a bite of the sweet sweet chocolate morsel and BOOM popped my jaw slightly out of place. This was 100% an operator error and has nothing to do with the chocolate so please press on in freezing your chocolate (and consuming Tony's). Don't worry, it's back in place and I have a dentist appointment to see why my jaw needs some TLC. Hope your worst bite was better than mine!

Melissa, Sales

Best: This is a special one. I recently got my hands on some celebratory caviar, and I served it with some ruffley potato chips, sour cream, and a drop of Drizzle on top! An absolute dream. I will be thinking about it for months!

Worst: This may be controversial, but I finally tried the Trader Joe's Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese I have heard so much about, and that's gotta be my worst bite. Y'all, that stuff tastes like a shoe. It was also kind of dry? I still have a craving so I'm going to make some from scratch tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.

Kali, Marketing

Best: A whole chicken I slathered in Sizzle and spices and AIRFRIED! Perfectly crispy skin, perfectly juicy meat. Poured all the pan juices right on top — it was magical.

Worst: A (very) stale bagel at our coworking space. I always think maybe this will be the day it tastes good? It never is.

Ashton, Sales

Best: I went to a birthday dinner for a friend at a new Italian spot in Nashville called Pelato. It was a family style meal that included so many delicious bites (crispy zucchini strings, potato croquettes, perfectly crisped broccolini amongst other things) BUT the very best bite of all was their radiatori alla vodka pasta. It was absolutely perfect — creamy, tomatoey, and topped with so much parmesan. 10/10.

Worst: I can't lie, on Monday I had just gotten back in town and had not yet restocked on groceries so I made a very sad "breakfast taco" situation for lunch. It was literally just a tortilla, egg, and hot sauce. Very exposing that I live in an ingredient household and was by far the most sad bite of the week.

Paloma, Marketing

Best: My wife fried plantains in Sizzle for lunch today and they were absolutely DIVINE ! 

Worst: 1½ bites of A Trader Joes' chocolate oat milk popsicle that led to the realization everything in my fridge had spoiled while I was on vacation. Huge L :-(.