Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of November

Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of November

The Graza team shares the BEST and WORST bites of the week! Featuring fried chicken topped with caviar, accusations of stuffing theft, and 4-day old mashed potato slander.

Best Bite / Worst Bite

November, 2023 

Shea, Marketing

Best: The sticky toffee pudding I made for dessert on Thanksgiving. I did unfortunately have to make it with a non-dairy cream substitute (reason #378 as to why I am an incredible girlfriend) and yet, the sticky toffee pudding still prevails and tastes incredible no matter what cream is included. (That's not to say I don't still prefer full-fat dairy, though).

Worst: The stale tortilla chips I ate for dinner last night after eating a giant rotisserie chicken sandwich at 3 p.m. Which I firmly believe is the most cursed hour to eat. Thus resulted in my 9 p.m. dinner featuring old chips and some chocolate chips with peanut butter. I will do better next time.

Kali, Marketing

Best: My grandma's (semi) homemade apple pie topped with a biggggg dollop (pile??) of whipped cream. I would eat cardboard if she made it for me.

Worst: 4-day old mashed potatoes. I'm not a fan to begin with so am most definitely not a fan on day 4.

Ashton, Sales

Worst: I will spare the details, but I got the stomach bug on Thanksgiving day so my Thanksgiving dinner consisted of Ritz Crackers and Gatorade. It was very sad - RIP to all the Thanksgiving foods I never ate this year 😞

Best: After said bug, my mother made a lemon orzo chicken soup that was so yummy and nourishing! It was no turkey or chocolate pie, but just what I needed after a sick day.

Paloma, Marketing

Best: Skipped Thanksgiving this year to visit my wife's family in Costa Rica and luckily didn't get too homesick as we spent the day sampling the offerings at the Mercado Central instead. Beyond hard to pick a favorite (will be thinking of the ceviche counter for months to come) but Helados de Sorbetera is the best of the best—a traditional ice cream shop that serves one flavor, a burnt vanilla cinnamon made with special machines you can only find there. I could eat it by the pint.

Worst: Pre flight french fries from the JFK McDonalds. Did not go well for me the next day.

Talia, Community

Best: Thanksgiving stuffing is my favorite holiday food of all time. Seriously I make it in March too because I can’t wait a whole year to have it again. My family’s stuffing did not disappoint, I was only sad because we ran out. I think someone hid it from the family because supposedly extra was made this year.

Worst: Stale Trader Joe’s chips, wasn’t in the mood to cook in my post Thanksgiving stupor. Forgot to fully close bag night before giving the chips a lackluster texture and taste :/

David, Finance

Best: Best bite was definitely fried chicken and caviar as part of my thanksgiving meal. Shoutout to my cousin for making this delicious combo for us (inspired by Momofuku).

Worst: A dry turkey sandwich on an airplane.

Kendall, Social

Best: My best bite of the week was my mom's stuffing for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. With fresh apple and sausage, it's perfectly filling and it has fruit so its healthy, right?

Worst: My worst bite has been anything i've eaten since being sick because I cannot taste anything since I am so congested and there is nothing worse than knowing you're eating something good, but have no idea what it actually tastes like.