Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of January

Graza Team's Best & Worst Bite of January

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS!!! Best bite worst bite time. Featuring Drizzle straight from the tree, beef tartare "on the bone," and (approximately) 712 slices of jamón.

Best Bite / Worst Bite, January 2023

From our team trip to Jaén, Spain



Kali, Marketing

Best: A perfectly plump RAVIOLO (yes, a singular piece of ravioli is a raviolo) filled with shrimp that had bathed in garlic and Sizzle, topped with some kind of tangy, slightly creamy sauce?? I have no idea what it was to be honest but I didn't ask questions. Live laugh love shrimp.

Worst bite: My 712th slice of jamón really did me dirty. I can't talk about it here.

Allen, co-founder

Best: Olive oil pressed 30 seconds ago that we got to drink our farm that will be in a Graza bottle in a few weeks.

Worst: Olive oil pressed 2-3 years ago that we tried during our tasting. Rancid oil that is being sold by an American brand as Extra Virgin.

Kendall, Social

Best: Ok this is really hard. I have like 7 best bites. For me, it was the pâté we had at a restaurant after we traveled to the olive farms. It was covered in olive oil and Allen and I ate at least a pound to ourselves.

There were also beef cheeks, rockfish, goat, and a lot of ham I can’t stop thinking about. Oh, and almond cookies. Pretend I wrote one.

Worst bite: It feels wrong to say anything was a bad bite. I think the worst thing was an olive oil tasting we did. We were given a rancid oil to try and well, I would like to never taste that again.

Ashton, Sales

Best: The private chefs on the last night served us these tiny little scallop bites sitting in a shell that were soaking in a warm garlicky sauce that was soooo good. Photo reference below: DELISH!


Worst: I'm so sorry to all the pâté lovers out there but I just simply cannot get on board. I tried my best to give it a try, but pâté and I just don't vibe.

David, Finance

Best: Spanish Jamón! We literally had Jamón with every meal and I loved every second of it. Ah I miss it already.

Worst bite: The "virgin" olive oil we tried at our olive oil tasting. Everything was about it was bad—the smell, taste, aftertaste etc. Trying that side by side with Sizzle & Drizzle was very eye opening.

Talia, Marketing

Best: During our first team lunch in Spain, a very jet-lagged community manager took a bite of the a very amazing croqueta. It was warm, breaded, and came with perfectly filled french fries (you know when the crisp to actual potato ratio is just right). There were so many other good bites (honorable mention the tuna on our last night), but those croquetas kept me awake.

Worst: No hate to t-bones, but ordered a medium t-bone got essentially steak tartare on a bone that took 25 minutes to cut. On the positive side I counted cutting the steak as my arm workout of the week.

Melissa, Sales

Best: My best bite was a lightly seared scallop at our final dinner. Do I remember what was on it? No. But I do remember that it was the best. 

Worst: My worst bite was - stay with me - a tiny a nibble of an olive straight from the tree. Hey, I was curious! Turns out, there's a reason olives are brined (or pressed into delicious Graza olive oil), because the fruit off the tree is bitter, astringent, and not tasty. It kinda hurt my mouth. Don't try it at home!