Picnic Essentials

Picnic Essentials

The ultimate accessories, edible and non-edible alike, to outfit your next picnic or park hang!

Baggu Puffy Picnic Blanket

The ideal picnic starts with the ideal (and comfy thanks to puffy padding) picnic blanket.

Handwoven Pottery Barn Picnic Basket

Duh! We're talking essentials here. Plus this one will fit a bottle (or two) of wine.

Baggu Pop Up Tent

For our retinol girlies who are always looking for a little sun protection.

Ice Pop Makers

Take your otter pops on the go with these mess-free molds.

Badger Balm Mosquito Repellent

Natasha Pickowicz said she uses Badger Balm, so we use Badger Balm.

Aura Bora Seltzer

While we're partial to our flavor (a non alcoholic Olive Oil Martini... YUM!)—you basically can't go wrong picking from their lineup of summer flavors like Cherry Key Lime and Cactus Rose

Ello Food Storage

Cute reusable food containers that also won't shatter into a million pieces in your bag.

Fishwife's Tinned Fish Forever Pack

Take the guesswork out of your charcuterie board—snag this set, add a little bread and some Drizzle, and you've got yourself a party.


No picnic is complete without it!

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