5 Summer Uses for Olive Oil

5 Summer Uses for Olive Oil

Adding Drizzle to your beach bag is THE MOVE!!!! Here are a few of our favorite ways to use that liquid gold EVOO magic all summer long...

#1: Beach Hair Mask 

Before you dive into the waves (or DUNK in a chlorinated pool til your eyes go red), do yourself a favor by first working a quarter-sized drop of Drizzle through your hair - evenly. The oil will help protect against the sun and chlorine, keeping your strands Sizzle-soft.

#2: Nail Moisturizer

Keratin is keratin, baby!!

Same thing Drizzle does for your hair it'll do for your nails—save the money on that expensive cuticle softener and try a drop or two of liquid gold EVOO instead.

#3: Sunburn Cure

We do our best, but we're NGL... there's always that one beach day when you wake up to realize your entire back is burned. EVOO treats sunburns inside—with fatty acids locking in moisture keeping your skin soft, and vitamins E and K speeding up heal time—and out, as it's also a traditional sunburn fix. This study from 2016 showed it helped speed up heal time faster than untreated burns, and doctors recommend applying a layer of EVOO to your burn and drinking water for quick relief!

Doctors recommend applying a layer of EVOO to your burn

#4: Protect Your Deck!

Keep those Adirondack chairs sparkling for summers to come by coating them with a thin layer of olive oil. Just like with your hair, it creates a protective barrier blocking out moisture and harmful UV rays for wooden furniture!

#5: Bike Chain Lubricant

Adding a few drops to your bike chain will keep you grooving around all summer long!