Chip Hacks!

Chip Hacks!

The Graza team shares their favorite (sometimes weird) ways to eat our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Potato Chips! Featuring a chip loaded Pub Subs, everything but the kitchen sink cookies, and a surprising swim snack...

Kali, Marketing: I dip them into Bitchin's Chocolate Sauce because obviously salty + sweet = delicious. Sometimes I also throw a handful at Andrew.

Shea, Marketing: There's a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I swear by from the New York Times. It's salty and sweet and decadent and the perfect landing pad for a CRUNCH to be added ~cue chips~ It's my take on an "everything but the kitchen sink cookie." Mix in a cup or so of the Graza Chips in at the last minute before you portion out each cookie. Crumble them as a topping and add within the last 5 minutes of baking. Pro tips below...

1. Use King Arthur flour (I don't use bread flour like the recipe asks, but choose your own adventure).

2. Freeze the cookie dough in pre-rolled GIANT balls (a couple hours, over night, whatever!) This ensures the outside stays crispy and soft on the inside :-)

3. When adding the crumbled chips to the cookies in the last 5 minutes of baking, try to stick them on the melty chocolate bits so they stay put when cooled.

Ashton: I am 100% going to go grab a Pub sub at Publix this weekend and add some Graza Drizzle and Potato Chips to my sammie!!! My go to order is typically a Chicken tender sub with chipotle mayo, pepper jack cheese, ranch, hot sauce, onions, pickles, and lettuce with salt and pepper to top it off. Add in the chips and Drizzle and I have no doubt it will be a masterpiece!

Casey Elkin, Creative: Potato Chips in a PB + J!

Talia, Community: I like eating chips crumbled in cottage cheese with cherry tomatoes and drizzle.

Melanie, ECommerce: One of my favorite ways to eat potato chips is with something I like to call "cheese dip," which is kind of like a rogue pimento cheese. I love to make this when I have random bits of cheeses in my fridge after hosting. Take any little pieces of cheese you have (truly anything goes, from a 1/4 bag of shredded Colby Jack to Boursin to my fave Jasper Hill Farm Cabot Clothbound), and throw them in a food processor with a couple spoonfuls of mayo, something flavorful like roasted red peppers or pickles or honey, and maybe some garlic or paprika. Blend it up, salt and pepper to your liking, add things, taste as you go. If it sounds chaotic, that's because it kind of is, but I promise you can't go wrong with cheese dip scooped onto a perfectly crispy potato chip.

Paloma, Marketing: Crunched up by the fistful all over your ice cream of choice (bonus points if you added some Drizzle on top beforehand). 

David, Finance: I like to eat Graza potato chips underwater. Since they are slow fried in EVOO they stay crispy! Don't knock it till you try it.

Kendall, Social: There's only one answer: on sandwiches.

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