Expert Reasons You Should be Using Finishing Oil on Soup

Expert Reasons You Should be Using Finishing Oil on Soup

We're firm believers that everything tastes better with extra extra Drizzle—especially soups and stews. Let our experts count the ways...

“Finishing oil is a trick that restaurants use all the time. During my Michelin days, we finished our soups, proteins, and various dishes with high-quality olive oils. They add shine, luster, and an extra coating to enrich the mouthfeel (and moisture to an extent) of the product being blessed with it. Adding a drizzle of oil also looks super clean and sexy, especially on soups.” - Chef Mario

“Extra virgin olive oil in creams and soups, or as a final phase of the garnish, has aromatic, olfactory and gustatory characters. When used as a final touch to a hot soup, it releases its polyphenols.” - Chef Paolo Cappuccio

“When your soup is done, finish each bowl with a garnish that contrasts in taste, color, texture or all of the above. This final touch adds a lot... A spiral of good olive oil to finish and some coarse sea salt can do wonders.” - Melissa Clark for the NYT

“I like adding finishing oil to soup to bring the olive oil flavor back and add some richness too!” - Chef Sami Udell

Whenever I find a dish is missing something, what it's missing, more often than not, is olive oil. Not in the dish, necessarily, but on it.” - Sheela Prakash for Epicurious

A finishing swirl of oil not only makes a humble bowl of soup look restaurant-worthy, it can also add a whole new dimension of flavor, taking a soup from so-so to spectacular.” Anjali Prasertong for The Kitchn