June Cooking Hacks

June Cooking Hacks

Person with flame helmet
As a team, we cook and eat A LOT and we love to talk about food. This June, we’re reflecting on our culinary tips learned from the pig roast we hosted in upstate NY.

June Cooking Tips - It's A Roast Edition

Andrew, co-founder and CEO:
Embrace the dry brine! It’s WAY easier and WAY tastier. Here is the science.

Grace, brand marketing:
You don't have to learn a whole new recipe to keep growing as a home cook (if that stresses you out - which it can for me). Instead, learn a new way to use an ingredient you like or modify something you already do. For me, it's roasting strawberries the same way I do sheet pan vegetables. I saw Bill Clark do this at the big farmhouse dinner Graza hosted for our community, and wow, I realized there's a whole flavor to strawberry I'd not had in my entire life. Put them on a kale salad or over vanilla ice cream and Texas sheet cake like Bill did.

Kendall, head of social:
Make more than you need if you're cooking for a group! Worst case? You all have awesome leftovers.

Person cooking on fire in front of smoker

Sauces can take simple preparation to the next level and can be prepped ahead of time. Having this ready frees you up to tend to the open fire that’s currently under a torrential downpour of rain.

Jasmine, marketing coordinator:
Taste your pickling liquid as you’re making it! A good pickling liquid will send you zipping along to the next dish and is a good refresher between olive oil cocktails.


Allen, co-founder and COO:
Make friends who are great cooks and steal the desserts to eat for breakfast the next day. Take a whole cake home ideally.Chocolate sheet cake being drizzled

Photos by Lili Davis.