My Sizzle is a Scorpio

My Sizzle is a Scorpio

You don’t need an astrologer to tell you that Sizzle, picked in November, is bold, passionate and authentic. Or that Drizzle is a slick charmer with exquisite taste (so very Libra!). You can find that info right on the bottle. So why does the harvest date matter?

Much like your olive oil’s star sign, a harvest date confirms truths you’ve experienced day-to-day with your main squeeze.


Fresh olive oil is the best olive oil. Yay for a harvest date that tells you exactly when your olives were picked and your oil was bottled.

100% Single Origin

You can’t have a harvest date if you blend this season’s oil with another season’s oil. Graza is NEVER BLENDED, and the harvest date on every bottle reminds you that the 5,000 olives in your Drizzle and 4,000 olives in your Sizzle grew up together on the same farm, were harvested together, and reached their zenith in these squeezy bottles.

100% Single Varietal

Different olives have different growing seasons. We only use one: a single varietal picual that is extremely high in polyphenols and antioxidants, shelf- and cooking-stable, and grown on unusually hardy trees. That makes a single harvest date possible. It also makes picuals one of the most sustainable mono-culture crops in the world.

Impeccable Timing

We pick Drizzle picuals early, when flavors are bold and antioxidants are at their highest. The flavor and health benefits mean Drizzle’s “Made for eating, never heating!” Sizzle olives are picked later in the season, at peak maturity when they’re a bit juicier. With a mellower flavor and higher smoke point, Sizzle’s perfect for cooking. Grab your bottles and compare the dates for yourself!

More good news? Together, Libras and Scorpios like Drizzle and Sizzle make a very mutually satisfying union. Taste this zucchini pasta to see for yourself...