What Is A Nitrogen Seal?

What Is A Nitrogen Seal?

Nitrogen is the gold (or should we say Drizzle green?) standard when it comes to maintaining food freshness. Here we'll explain what a nitrogen seal is and how it works to protect your EVOO.

TLDR: Nitrogen is an odorless, tasteless gas used in packaging to eliminate any leftover oxygen in the can after it has been filled with oil. This helps protect against oxidation, ensures maximum freshness, and preserves the oil flavor at the time of canning. 

What Is Nitrogen?

Nitrogen can come in liquid or gas forms, and is odorless and tasteless. It's a crucial part of so many different life systems (did you know it's the fifth most plentiful element in our universe??) and is a secret weapon when it comes to preserving flavor and quality in canned food. 

How Does A Nitrogen Seal Work?

Simply put, the presence of oxygen is the main reason that packaged food goes bad. That's because of oxidation—the chemical process that accelerates the spoiling of packaged food—all due to the presence of oxygen in the container. Oxidation leads to all the bad things you want to avoid in an olive oil; rancidity and spoiled oil. 

The seal works by adding precise drops of liquid nitrogen to each can before they're capped and sealed. This forces out any oxygen in the container, preserving the flavor and quality at the time of sealing. It also pressurizes the can so it maintains a rigid shape, which further protects against damage to the oil. Nitrogenization is the best way to extend the life of 

What Are the Benefits of Using Nitrogen in Food Packaging?

The main reason? Nitrogen extends the shelf life of olive oil without compromising its quality. By eliminating oxygen, nitrogen sealing prevents early spoiling and rancidity—preserving the tasty peppery punchy Picual flavor at the time of canning.

Nitrogen also doesn't come with any icky flavor of its own! Unlike other chemical preservatives and additives, nitrogen is odorless and tasteless, which means your extended-shelf-life oil won't come with an altered flavor.