Why Put Olive Oil In A Can?

Why Put Olive Oil In A Can?

You may be wondering, why would we put olive oil in a can when we already put it into easy-to-use squeeze bottles? Let us tell ya...

Why would we put olive oil in a can when we already put it into easy-to-use squeeze bottles? Because fresh is best!

You asked for a sustainable and easy way to refill your beloved squeeze bottles. You got it! Our refill cans are the ultimate olive oil refill solution—nitrogen-sealed and fully opaque to protect against oxidation and ensure top freshness, perfectly portioned for our Sizzle & Drizzle bottles, and 100% recyclable :-)

1. Nitrogen-Sealed for Maximum Freshness

We add a dose of nitrogen to every olive oil can right before we seal it, which is key to keeping your olive oil super fresh. Nitrogen helps push oxygen out, which preserves the freshness and quality of your EVOO and extends its lifespan on your pantry shelf. 

Nitrogen is an inert gas, which means that it doesn't have any odor or taste, and won't interact with the flavor of the oil unlike other chemical preservatives.

2. Fully Opaque To Block Harmful UV Rays

These aluminum refill cans are completely opaque, which means that they block out the harmful UV rays that are enemies of excellent olive oil.

Most olive oil comes in glass bottles, so you can see what you’re getting. That might look great on a shelf, but even a tinted clear bottle lets light get in, and a cap you have to remove invites oxygen to the party. That’s why our refills come in fully opaque cans and are designed to be poured right into our fully opaque squeeze bottles (which have caps that you don't need to take off!)

3. Perfectly Portioned

Our Sizzle and Drizzle refill cans are perfectly portioned to offer a 1:1 refill for your Graza squeeze bottles. That means the minute you hear that sad squeeze of empty air from your bottle, you know it's time to crack open a can.

4. 100% Recyclable

Made from lightweight aluminum, our refill cans are 100% recyclable, so you can toss 'em in the bin right after you're done refilling!

5. Super Easy To Use

It's pretty straight forward. Just crack open a can and pour it into your empty squeeze bottle through a kitchen funnel! Then crush that can and toss it in the nearest recycling bin!