Caitlin Hubner's Salty Lemon Custard Pie

Caitlin Hubner's Salty Lemon Custard Pie

The queen of key lime proves she can handle any citrus... with this salty lemon drizzle custard pie that's a summer dream for all your TART FREAKS out there. 
by Caitlin Hubner | @caitskeylime


For the Crust:

1½ cups graham cracker crumbs 

A lot of drizzles of Drizzle

1 healthy pinch of Kosher salt 

For the Custard: 

4 egg yolks (whatever size you have is fine) 

½ cup fresh lemon juice 

1 14oz can sweetened condensed milk 

1 lemon 

More drizzles of Drizzle

For the Topping: 

Cold heavy whipping cream 

A lil spoonfull of sour cream or labne (optional) 

1 more lemon


Active Time: 30 minutes

Full Time: 4 hours

Serves 1

In mixing bowl, squeeze and circle the Drizzle over the crushed graham cracker crumbs - start with about 6 squeeze circles. Mix with your hand, adding more Drizzle as needed, until the crumbs are the consistency of slightly wet sand. Move into a pie pan and pack down to cover the bottom and the sides. Sprinkle it all with a healthy pinch of salt. Stick it in the freezer while you prepare the filling.


Combine egg yolks, lemon juice, condensed milk and whisk until well combined. Let sit for 10 minutes to thicken up a bit.


Go get your crust and pour the filling in. Grate an entire lemons worth of zest directly into the filling, drizzle with a little bit more Drizzle. Swirl around with a chopstick or a butter knife. Looks sooooo cool!


If using a 9 inch or nearby in size pan, bake for 18-20 minutes. The filling should be just set, it’s ok if slightly jiggly. Let cool at room temp then refrigerate, ideally overnight but at least 2 hours.


Make whipped cream, adding a small spoonful of sour cream or labneh if you’re a total tart freak, but totally fine without. Top pie with whipped cream, more lemon zest, a slice of lemon for garnish and Drizzle away to your preference. DELISH!